License agreement for the clip art packs and other design packs sold by Griffonne. License must be paid in full to be valid.

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Here is a quick summary of what is included with the license you just bought. In case of discrepancy with the version included with the pack, the version on this page shall prevail. In doubt, feel free to contact me.


• Unlimited use for personnal projects. Personal use means you make no financial gain with the project. Personal projects must not be linked to any business or organisation (even if you makes no money from it directly).
• Limited commercial use for one project (up to 1000 copies). To produce more that 1000 copies of an item, contact me to acquire an extended commercial license.
• You may use the design elements as part of a single product / design. Additionnal products / designs require additionnal licenses.
• You are not required to give credits to Griffonne / Joannie Goulet but it's appreciated!
• If the product is digital, the design elements must be flattened in a way they cannot be easily extracted or modified by your customers.


• You cannot redistribute for free or resell the illustrations and design elements of this pack in any way. This include (but is not limited to) selling them or distributing them as cliparts, as part of another bundle or as deconstructed elements.
• You cannot use elements from this pack for a logo or the branding of a business with this license. Contact me to acquire an extended commercial license.
• The artwork and design elements from this pack must not be associated to any hateful messages (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc...)
• The artwork and design elements from this pack must not be used for print-on-demand merchandise.


Extended commercial licenses are needed for some specific uses. They are tailored to your needs. Please contact me to acquire one.


Pour une soumission ou un renseignement, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.

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